Western Medicine ~ STRESS By The Numbers

Western Medicine ~ Is This What Your Good Health
Looks Like?  STRESS By The Numbers…

> 50% of Americans are WORRIED about their Health

> 70% of Americans are STRESSED about Work

> 40% of Americans lie in bed AWAKE an Night because of STRESS.

STRESS By the Numbers – Dr Oz – AARP Magazine Sept/Oct 2011


Since Western Medicine is mainly about Chronic Care through Prescription Drug use ~ Isn’t It Time to Invest MORE in Preventative Health Care ~ Take Individual Responsibility and Credit for Your Good Health!

Headlines: AARP Bulletin ~ July/August 2015

> Pricing Soar for Generic Drugs – Will You Be Paying MORE?

Health Care Professionals are predicting a 20% INCREASE in your Health Care COSTS in 2016.

Stop the MADNESS and Step Up To The Plate and hit a HOME RUN and Take the Hand of Health Care out of your POCKET Beginning Today.

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