Foot Detox Service

Foot Detox Service

Naturopathic Detox Footbath

The OPTIMUM FOCUS ionic foot spa process creates an osmosis environment, where toxins move out from the body. The water starts off clear when the feet are first placed in the water. At the end of the thirty five minute session,  the footbath water will have colors due to the oxidation, cellular body waste & toxins/impurities in the water. Toxins are drawn out from the body due to this osmosis environment. Human Cells have been viewed under a darkfield microscope that shows improvements after just 1 treatment. It shows the humans cells as rounded & free-floating, showing oxygenation and hydratation has occurred. The human cell walls are less dense & clearer. The OPTIMUM FOCUS ionic foot spa balances the meridians and energizes the body.

 (35-minute sessions)

OPTIMUM Focus IONIC Foot Spa Benefits:

  • Cleanse the Cells
  • Joint Relief
  • Anti-aging
  • Relief of Pain
  • Boost the Immune System
  • Reduce Weight
  • Clearer Skin and Complexion
  • Better Circulation
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Stress and Fatigue Relief
  • Decreased Swelling and Inflammation
  • And more….