Frank ~ Your Nationally Board Certified Therapist ~ the founder, has a strong professional background in customer service.  He is focused on helping to co-facilitate folks personal health and well being through touch and personal empowerment.

Nationally Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Frank graduated from the Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia.  A well-known massage school owned and operated by massage therapists, providing their students with a well-rounded education in Therapeutic Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release Therapy, Shiatsu and other beneficial complementary modalities.

His vision for Life4orceTouch began by practicing massage on family and friends as a hobby in his free time, as a way to help them manage their daily stress.  Since establishing his Private Practice in 2009 he now pursues his vision and professional full-time business in the Metropolitan Philadelphia area.

Special thanks to Debbie, Steve, Bryce, friends and my teachers for their support, creativity, insight, love and honest feedback throughout this life transition.  Without their generous investment of time, effort, skills and cooperation none of this would be possible.

Inspirational thought …..

Father, thank you for your Love, Encouragement and Gentle Embrace during my periods of self-doubt and discovery.

Life4orceTouch Your Massage Resource
Life4orceTouch Your Massage Resource
Life4orceTouch Massage Studio
Life4orceTouch Massage Studio

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available by calling Frank (267) 253-0197


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