Frank is a board certified, awarding-winning massage therapist.  He started Life4orceTouch with one goal in mind.  to help his clients create and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.  With his vast knowledge of different types of massage, he is able to focus on his client’s needs providing them with long-lasting relief.

Prior to starting Life4orceTouch, Frank spent the earlier part of his career first in the US Air Force, after retirement he spent 17-years as a broker and financial planner/corporate retirement planner for a leading mutual funds firm where he helped his client attain financial security.  So, Frank understands what today’s busy life is like, and what that lifestyle and the stress that goes with it can do to your body.

His philosophy is ‘Life in Balance’.  He believes we need to take care of ourselves in order to take care of our families and even our clients.

Frank graduated from the Massage Arts Center in South Philadelphia in 2010, and became Nationally Board Certified in 2011.  He studied in Thailand and for certification in Thai Yoga Massage and Reflexology.  His focus, and what separates him from his contemporaries, is a Team Work approach with his Clients.  Helping to Balancing Mind-Body-Spirit creates the Restorative BodyWork Life4orceTouch is known for and providing Clients with ways to improve posture in between sessions keeps Clients feeling better and managing daily stress.

Combining Modalities like Myofascial Release with Trigger Point Release Therapies treats specific trouble areas while balancing the entire body which often suffers from compensation from repetitive motion injury.  He is continuously researching and studying new and inventive ways to help keep the body in balance using Cupping, CranioSacral or Reiki.  In his spare time, Frank enjoys the outdoors, and being active. 

Since establishing his Private Practice in 2009 he pursues his vision and professional full-time business in the Metropolitan Philadelphia area.

Special thanks to Debbie, friends and my teachers for their support, creativity, insight, love and honest feedback throughout this life transition.  Without their generous investment of time, effort, skills and cooperation none of this would be possible.

Inspirational thought …..

Father, thank you for your Love, Encouragement and Gentle Embrace during my periods of self-doubt and discovery.

Life4orceTouch Your Massage Resource
Life4orceTouch Your Massage Resource
Life4orceTouch Massage Studio
Life4orceTouch Massage Studio

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available by calling Frank (267) 253-0197

6100 City Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19131


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